Blown Glass Pendant Lighting for Kitchen

The under blown glass pendant lighting for kitchen is the ideal method to illuminate your counter and decorations. The lights are controlled independently of the main kitchen lights , so you can leave them on to create a dim ambient light. By installing recessed lights under your cabinets, you can beautify your counters while the lights are not visible. The installation requires some experience in carpentry but beyond that is an easy process.

A recessed blown glass pendant lighting for kitchen kit comes with all the cables you’ll need to improve the lighting quality of your kitchen. Clear the allowance below the area where you will work. You will also have to remove the things that you have inside the cabinets to which you will put light to them.

Make a mark on the blown glass pendant lighting for kitchen under each light with a pencil, so you know where to cut the cabinet. Remove the cover with each light. This is the plastic edge that runs around the lens glass. These will come off by pulling or rotating them. Works from below cabinet to install lights. Insert the cables up through the cabinet hole and press the lights in after the cables. The light should be positioned so that the lenses are face down, pointing toward the allowance.


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