Cottage Lighting Collections Ideas

Cottage lighting collections – Lighting options for cabs can be anything from a rustic style to Western and everything in between. Regardless of the style of the cottage, the lighting can enhance a room, creating not only functional use of space, but beautiful decor as well. Explore different styles of lighting to determine the best of your cottage.

With a variety of styles and patterns, traditional lanterns work well in the cottage interior. Early lanterns were mostly made of made of wood or tinned steel. They were taken to the new world of the earliest settlers of Plymouth colony. They often had the windows of translucent mica or oiled paper. Metal reflectors were also included to enhance the light source, which was usually a candle or an oil-soaked wick. Today, electric cottage lighting collections are available that mimic the look of these early lanterns. Reproductions of these might include a wooden frame with a pierced tin decoration.

Craftsman and Mission-style is cottage lighting collections outdoors with nature-inspired colors. With clean, crisp lines, adds the Craftsman style sophisticated style in a cozy cottage. Mica shades are typical of this style, which provides a diffuse light source. Copper, verdigris and oil rubbed bronze are popular metal finishes in the Craftsman or Mission style.


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