Federal Style Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Federal style outdoor lighting – In an earthquake, ordinary objects transformed into risks. Regulations set by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to control the lights hung from the ceiling and secure, to keep the light in place over the shock of an earthquake. Basics of the codes is a starting point for installing lighting safely in earthquake-prone areas.

For lighting installed flush with the ceiling, compliance codes are primarily in the support system in the ceiling. Fixtures must have lax security threads that lead from the clamping device keeps the lighting fixture and the nearest roof rack. Fixtures for 10 pounds need only be a security thread; those between 10 and 56 pounds need two safety wires diagonally to each other. For fixtures more than 56 pounds, the guidelines for heavy federal style outdoor lighting fittings including anchor in a concrete slab.

The federal style outdoor lighting style characterized by its box-like symmetry with sidelights and fanlights around the door. Cream, muted blue, sage green and pumpkin were popular paint colors for this style. Early Colonial Style homes were usually one or two-story structures, two rooms deep. Red, indigo, burnt umber and ocher colors were popular because of the ease in which they turned into oil-based paints. An abundance of wooden ornaments, asymmetrical details and steeply pitched roofs exemplify Victorian style home. Dramatic colors like dark mulberry, brick red and moss green used to dress the house.


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