Georgian Style Lighting Fixtures for Homes

Georgian style lighting fixtures – The Georgian style is named after King George I of England and is a style that has influenced many furniture in traditional style home. In addition to traditional solid oak cabinetry and flooring, knobs and handles that are used in this type of cuisine should brass nickel with an extravagant design pattern to match the style that is influenced by royalty. The tops should be a darker color, but does not have to be wood. Expanding this kitchen with marble counter-tops are a great addition to this traditional Georgian style kitchen.

Find lamps strategically throughout your home. Your Georgian style house probably will not have many georgian style lighting fixtures, so choose wall lights to light up your walkways and entryways. The lights will mimic 18th century torches, while offering guests a more modern look. Select Standing lights to your living room and bedroom that offer more light and present a sophisticated and put – together look for your guests

Tone down your walls. If the walls of georgian style lighting fixtures are busy with family pictures and elaborate color schemes, cut back to minimize clutter and make your home look more modern and up-to-date. Opt for light colored walls, such as beige or white, and only select a few of your favorite portraits to hang. Modern homes are free of clutter and smart, and simply reducing the number of things that hang on your wall will drastically change the look of your home.


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