Install Farmhouse Flush Mount Lighting

Farmhouse Flush Mount Lighting – The lighting must be sufficiently robust and sealed to withstand its operating conditions, normally this will not be a big problem as manufacturers are very clear about the recommendations they make to us in this regard. The level of installation has more than one factor to take into account.

If the piece will be installed on concrete or some other material and/or solid finish it is possible that we prefer to place it on the same level of the floor to which we are referring, if the piece will be install farmhouse flush mount lighting in a softer material such as garden or earth recommendation It is, on the one hand, to place the eyebrow of the piece above the level of the floor and in general the level should be a little higher than its surroundings, we do not want a pool of water to generate a puddle in or around the piece.

At the bottom of the lighting or the entrance of the connection there must be a gland, which is nothing more than an element that protects the piece from moisture at the point of entry of the cable by means of a rubber that imprisons the same And is fixed to the hole where the cable enters the farmhouse flush mount lighting, we must be sure that it is well placed and tight.


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